Community Crowdfunding





Crowdfunding Definition: 

‘The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet’.

Crowdfunding campaigns run for a defined period of time, and have a set ‘target amount’ to raise via pledges and donations. The ‘crowd’ usually refers to the social media and other contacts of the participants and various stakeholders (e.g. the sponsoring organisation, the community and the charity/cause).

DoodleJam Community Crowdfunding - "Meaningful and Memorable" 

DoodleJam has a unique approach to crowdfunding, we ask your “crowd” to tell your story on canvas producing a vibrant  community painting; created using symbols and images (doodles). We then leverage the crowd, your inspirational story and the DoodleJam painting to launching a Crowdfunding Campaign.

Our aim is to raise funds for your worthwhile “causes”, whilst connecting you with your community (on-line and off-line), donors and local business. The result is a highly motivated and engaged crowdfunding campaign, a vibrant community painting (a DoodleJam) and much needed funds for your cause.

DoodleJam Community Crowdfunding is ideal for any team, group, corporate or non for profit who wish to raise funds for a worthwhile cause; a cause with an inspirational story to tell.  You can launch the crowdfunding campaign at a new event or we can piggy-back any  pre-planned event on your organisational calendar i.e. fundraising event, conference or social event.

What Makes DoodleJam Different?
  • Our crowdfunding process includes an inspirational campaign launch event. 
  • Your “crowd” will be engaged in the creation of a UNIQUE DoodleJam community painting – telling your inspirational story.
  • A passionate launch event video will be filmed capturing participants talking about the stories behind your cause. 
  • The canvas backgrounds to all of our community paintings are individually customised and designed by DoodleJam offering authenticity and individuality.
  • To add a creative twist to the campaign, the original DoodleJam painting is gifted to the Highest Cumulative Donor.
  • We leverage the painting image by offering authenticated and “limited edition” copies of the painting in return for donations.
  • DoodleJam produces and fulfils all canvas on-line orders.
  • We include premium campaign support, from start to finish.
  • We can offer your organisation additional support services to remove any logistical and/or resource burdens you may have i.e. on the ground event facilitation, social media marketing and crowdfunding project management workshops. 
DoodleJam Community Crowdfunding Process.

The DoodleJam creative crowdfunding process has been developed and refined over the past ten years and is built on practical fundraising experience and valuable client feedback. Your organisation can choose a supported Do-It-Yourself approach or you can reduce the resource burden on your staff and volunteers by adding options such as on-the-ground event management and/or social media campaign marketing services. 

Plan - Launch - Leverage

The following 3 step process is followed to increase your crowdfunding success;


  • Initial telephone/Skype chat to answer any questions you might have and for DoodleJam to assess your suitability for our unique community crowdfunding process.
  • Once you are signed up, you will have access to our project strategy documentation and helpful templates so that we can guide you through the crowdfunding campaign from start to finish.


  • We will send you an event pack containing all the materials for your creative crowdfunding launch including quality canvas panels (painted with a unique background to provide authenticity), acrylic pens, guidance, marketing material etc. 
  • The launch event is a social gathering of your community and key project stake holders (sponsors/donors). It encourages participants to engage in the crowdfunding campaign by creating a meaningful community painting. DoodleJam launch events are inspirational, creative and fun. To start the campaign with a bang we will aim to raise 15-30% of the campaign target by the end of the event.
  • Participants are encouraged to share their personal videos and snap-shots of the launch event on social media. 
  • The creation of the community painting and participant interviews will be videoed at the event, producing a meaningful campaign launch video and additional social media content.


  • When the campaign video has been edited and uploaded, participants are asked to share the video on their social networks via the DoodleJam crowdfunding platform.
  • Momentum and crowd engagement are key so the campaign team will produce regular updates (vlog and blog) and celebrate campaign milestones, continually raising awareness.
  • We also leverage the DoodleJam painting image by offering authenticated and “limited edition” canvas copies in return for donations. 
  • The completed DoodleJam group painting will express the meaning behind the “cause” and will also represent the community captured on canvas. To add further excitement to the campaign, the highest cumulative donation will be gifted the group painting.  

Please contact DoodleJam to enquire about our Community Crowdfunding Campaign fees and/or if you have any further questions about Creative Community Crowdfunding.