Community Crowdfunding

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DoodleJam inspires teams, groups and communities to come together (Jam) to capture a “moment in time” on canvas, to tell their story using symbols and images (doodles). To create a vibrant DoodleJam painting and to leverage the value of that painting to raise funds for worthy causes.


Creative Community Crowdfunding

DoodleJam has a very unique approach to crowdfunding; we inspire a “crowd” of people, who wish to raise funds for a worthy cause, to create a vibrant DoodleJam painting; telling their unique story using symbols and images. We then use our customised crowdfunding platform to leverage the value of your painting by offering authenticated (limited edition) copies in return for on-line campaign donations and spreading awareness of your cause on social media and beyond during a 21 day campaign.

Our community crowdfunding process has been developed and refined over the past ten years and is built on practical fundraising experience and valuable client feedback.   

DoodleJam Crowdfunding is ideal for any group, team, community, corporate or non for profit who are passionate about raising funds for a worthwhile cause. The campaign is best launched at an “event” where there is an engaged “crowd” of supporters, sponsors and/or VIPs to participate in the crowd painting. It can be at a new event or we can piggy-back any pre-planned event on your social calendar i.e. celebration, fundraising event, conference or social event.



We want to INSPIRE and ENGAGE our Clients in a unique crowdfunding experience. 

✔ We will engage your Crowd in something fun, creative and worthwhile and help you tell your inspirational story on canvas, resulting in a vibrant DoodleJam painting.

✔ We will provide all the material necessary (canvas, paint pens, guidance) for the creation of the painting.

✔ We will customise and design the background of your painting to offer uniqueness and authenticity.

We want to launch the campaign with a BUZZ and a BANG!

✔ Our crowdfunding process includes a campaign launch event where your Crowd creates the painting. The launch makes a fantastic networking ice-breakers creating an exciting buzz at the event. 

✔  We start the campaign with a bang by attempting to raise 30% of the campaign target at the launch.

✔ We will assist you to produce a launch event video capturing participants talking about the stories behind your cause, resulting in a compelling campaign pitch video to be shared on social media during the following 21 day crowdfunding campaign.

We want to reward campaign donors with something ORIGINAL and MEMORABLE 

✔ We will leverage the value of your DoodleJam painting by offering authenticated (limited edition) canvas copies of the painting in return for on-line donations, offering your donors something meaningful and memorable.

✔ To add a unique twist to the campaign, the original DoodleJam painting is gifted to the Highest Cumulative Donor (the addition of all campaign donations by a single donor). Our Crowdfunding platform will display the Highest Cumulative Donor throughout the campaign.   

We want to SUPPORT and GUIDE our Clients

✔ We produce and fulfil all campaign on-line orders for authenticated (limited edition) canvas copies of the painting.

✔ Our DoodleJam Team will provide a tailored campaign page including ALL content management and website uploads.

✔ You will be partnering with a business (DoodleJam) that has over a decade’s worth of experience in team building events, conferences ice-breakers and fundraisers with many major and diverse clients; Apple, Novartis, Boeing, Anglicare, United Synergies etc.


Please contact DoodleJam to enquire about our Community Crowdfunding Campaign fees and/or if you have any further questions about Creative Community Crowdfunding. CONTACT DOODLEJAM