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about doodlejAm?

  • For over a decade, DoodleJam has specialised in meaningful and memorable community fundraising events, corporate conferences and business workshops using doodles; a drawing, symbol or image representing goals, ambitions, thoughts, memories and emotions. Each session theme is inspirational and topical, maximising participant engagement and motivation, and all within a fun atmosphere to enhance group interaction (a group Jam) and enjoyment. The result is a vibrant group painting (a DoodleJam) and an event that sparks meaningful conversation and produces memorable outcomes. Through feedback gained over many DoodleJam events and with recent innovations in technology, we have been able to enhance our model to extend the value further to create DoodleJam "Crowdfunding on Canvas".
  • We link all the benefits of our previous community fundraising events, corporate conferences and team building workshops with a unique crowdfunding process. The process sparks innovation, inspires creativity and fosters community engagement and provides an opportunity for ALL stakeholders to be directly involved in the community fundraising campaign.
  • DoodleJam clients range from large corporations such as Apple, Boeing, Ceva and Novartis, through to Government Departments. We have worked with community and Not-For-Profit organisations including Anglicare, I.F.Y.S. and United Synergies. 

Our why

We are passionate about facilitating the creation of team, group and community DoodleJam paintings, expressing inspirational stories on canvas. Engaging people from all cultures, abilities and backgrounds to come together as a "Crowd with a Common Cause" to create something meaningful and memorable. Using our colourful and unique crowdfunding platform to leverage the value of a DoodleJam painting to help raise more awareness and funds for a worthwhile cause.



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