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DoodleJam offers corporate clients a premium creative crowdfunding campaign service. The service includes project team support, campaign mentoring and launch event facilitation. The corporate crowdfunding campaign is meaningful and innovative, connecting staff with their community and clients to help raise funds for a local cause. The ideal Project Team size is between 5 and 20 participants.

The total project timeline runs for approximately 6 weeks, with the corporate crowdfunding campaign itself running for 14 days within that time-frame. Team members are only away from their desks for a one half day workshop, plus a 2-3 hour campaign launch event which could piggy-back onto an existing business event or conference. We advise that a minimum of 80 participants attend the launch event in order to maximise success, although there is no limit to participant numbers.  

Please contact DoodleJam to enquire about Campaign fees and/or if you have any further questions about Creative Corporate Crowdfunding.



DoodleJam specialises in facilitating group thinking “outside of the frame.” Our main objective is to add value to our clients by broadening perceptions, sparking curiosity, unleashing creativity and fostering innovation.

This workshop is suited to small groups (possibly within larger departments) who would like to re-energise, re-evaluate and innovate. It is refreshing, thought provoking and entertaining. It is definitely NOT an art class or a ‘run-of-the-mill’ team building workshop.

– A vibrant and inspirational team painting. 
– Meaningful team communication.
– Enhanced staff engagement.
– Increased team motivation.
– Memorable outcomes.



DoodleJam will maximimse the use of networking time by focusing the audience on a specific theme, chosen by you. Whilst participants are networking, we will “spark” meaningful conversation and facilitate a creative ‘buzz’ in the room. The participants will use doodles and symbols to create a fantastic group painting (a visual representation of the theme). The group painting will become a thought-provoking talking piece for the remainder of the conference. The painting can also be auctioned to raise funds for your favourite charity. We can also arrange image printing on coffee mugs, tee shirts and mouse mats etc

DoodleJam will film participants describing their symbol on video and produce a fascinating post-event video of the event, including footage of the creation of the group painting.

Duration 1-2 hrs. Conference Ice-Breaker activity. Presently operating in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

The Session includes; pre-session teleconference, session facilitation, quality canvas, photographs and the option for an audio/video recording.


Please contact DoodleJam to enquire about these services and any further questions about DoodleJam Corporate. CONTACT DOODLEJAM