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Engage Staff, Clients & Community

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Foster Staff Innovation & Creativity

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why doodlejam creative TEAM building ? 

Staff Engagement

DoodleJam has a very unique approach to crowdfunding; we engage your staff in a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for a worthwhile cause. Your Team will use their business skills to organise a "Crowd with a Common Cause". The Crowd will create a vibrant DoodleJam painting; expressing an inspirational story using symbols and images (doodles) on canvas.

Client Engagement
DoodleJam is ideal for any business who's clients originate from a local community. Connecting your staff with your clients (or potential clients) at the community level can be a Win Win for all involved. We will engage the "Crowd" in something fun and creative. We aim to raise funds for a local cause and awareness for your Business.  
Community Engagement

DoodleJam will help raise your local community profile.  We will utilise your teams communication and organisational skills to launch the campaign. Our process includes a campaign launch event where you can invite staff, clients, VIPs and sponsors. The event makes a fantastic social ice-breaker and provides a great marketing opportunity. You can piggy-back any existing events on your social calendar or organise a new event.

WHAT makes doodlejam DIFFERENT?

  • We will leverage the value of your Crowd painting by offering limited edition copies of the image on memorabilia (canvas, mugs etc) in return for on-line donations, providing your donors with something meaningful and memorable. We will complete all on-line ordering, production and fulfilment for a flat fee, you choose the value of the donation. 
  • The original painting is gifted to the highest cumulative campaign donor. Our website has a feature where we track the highest donor, creating more return visits to your campaign page.
  • Campaigns are fully supported and offer guidance from start to finish. We will also customised your campaign page including content management and website uploads. As an additional option, our team can provide an on-site campaign planning workshop (half day) and launch event facilitation. 

meet our happy cLIENTS

Annie Agnew

Program Manager

"Site looks great (and our paintings too!!). Thanks again for a fabulous event." 

deslee taylor


"The DoodleJam experience exceeded all my expectations."

Lee METCALF B.Sc(Hons)


“Having the artwork on display in our office has lead to many interesting conversations!”

karen phillips


“DoodleJam's ability to engage with the young people to articulate their important message is sensational.”

FEATURED doodlejam paintings



mr rentals


apple (asia)



united synergies


tedx noosa



ABOUT DoodleJam

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For over a decade, DoodleJam has specialised in meaningful and memorable fundraising events, corporate workshops and conferences using doodles; a drawing, symbol or image representing goals, ambitions, thoughts, memories and emotions. Each session theme is inspirational and topical, maximising participant engagement and motivation, and all within a fun atmosphere to enhance group interaction (a group Jam) and enjoyment. The result is a vibrant group painting (a DoodleJam) and an event that sparks meaningful conversation and produces memorable outcomes. Through observation and feedback gained over dozens of DoodleJam events and with recent innovations in technology we have been able to refine and modify our model to extend the value and impact of the programs even further to create DoodleJam Community Crowdfunding.