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On Canvas

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campaign COMMITMENT 

  • DoodleJam "Crowdfunding on Canvas" is unique, creative and inspirational; we are committed to helping you facilitate a meaningful and memorable experience for your Crowd and raise more FUNDS and AWARENESS for your Cause. 
  • We individually design each DoodleJam painting background to suit the theme of your Cause. Our backgrounds are colourful, vibrant and engaging. We are passionate about creating the best possible expression of your Crowds INSPIRATIONAL STORY. We offer all necessary guidance and support. 
  • Our Team will commit to your campaign but, to achieve a successful outcome and to reach your campaign target, we will require a 100% commitment from you and your team.
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    We do not charge your campaign donors any additional or hidden fees. 
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    DoodleJam is a "flexible" crowdfunding platform were you keep ALL donations, whether you hit your target or not. We transfer all your donations in "real-time" to your Stripe account, less fees as detailed on this page.

transaction fees

DoodleJam Platform Fee

6.8 % (inc GST)

Includes Campaign Kit & Support

Stripe Transaction Fee
1.75%* +0.30c (inc GST)

*International cards 2.90%

TOTAL per Donation

8.55%* +30c (inc GST)

Keep ALL donations less this fee

Transferred to you in real-time

DoodleJam Campaign Kit

We will send you a  Campaign Kit

at NO charge!

 Kit Content:

  • A quality canvas to match the size of your Crowd.
  • Acrylic paint paints; assorted colours to enhance the vibrancy of your painting.
  • The design of a unique background to match the theme of your Campaign, providing authenticity.  

Rewards for donations

We will leverage the value of your DoodleJam painting image by offering limited edition copies of the image on memorabilia (canvas copies, mugs etc) in return for on-line donations. This will provide your donors with the option of receiving a meaningful and memorable gift for their donation. The DoodleJam team will relieve any logistical burden on your team by completing all on-line ordering, production, fulfilment and post & package (within Australia) for a flat fee; you choose the value of the donation. 

Some examples below:

limited edition
Coffee mugs

suggested donation = $85

limited edition
24"x24" Canvas copy

suggested donation = $95

limited edition
16"x16" Canvas copy

suggested donation = $250

limited edition
24"x24" Canvas copy

suggested donation = $500

Corporate & business


team building

conference ice breaker



ABOUT DoodleJam

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For over a decade, DoodleJam has specialised in meaningful and memorable fundraising events, corporate workshops and conferences using doodles; a drawing, symbol or image representing goals, ambitions, thoughts, memories and emotions. Each session theme is inspirational and topical, maximising participant engagement and motivation, and all within a fun atmosphere to enhance group interaction (a group Jam) and enjoyment. The result is a vibrant group painting (a DoodleJam) and an event that sparks meaningful conversation and produces memorable outcomes. Through observation and feedback gained over dozens of DoodleJam events and with recent innovations in technology we have been able to refine and modify our model to extend the value and impact of the programs even further to create DoodleJam Community Crowdfunding.