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what our clients say

“My team and I had a great time at the DoodleJam event! Having the artwork on display in our office has lead to many interesting conversations, and we now have a better understanding of each other's motivations!


Lee METCALF B.Sc(Hons)
Ceva Animal Health Pty Ltd - Australia

“Our DoodleJam team building session was inspiring and a lot of fun … it’s awesome and original”


Belinda Cashell, Mobile Telecom

“You have created a very inspiring business tool … we have learned more about our staff in two hours than we have in previous years”

Cameron, Smyths Inc

“Site looks great (and our paintings too!!). Thanks again for a fabulous event"


Annie Agnew, Leadership Program Manager,

Apple (Asia) Pty Ltd

“The DoodleJam experience exceeded all my expectations”


Deslee Taylor, Mr. Rental

“DoodleJam's ability to engage with the young people to articulate their important message is sensational”


Karen Phillips, United Synergies

“The DoodleJam's strategy allowed all participants to verbalise their thoughts easily, and to gain ground in getting to know each other during our leadership workshop”


Paul Morton, CEO, I.F.Y.S.

“A life-changing experience”

Participant, I.F.Y.S.

DoodleJam made sure the session met our requirements and was relevant to what we as a group were working on. Sensational, creative, fun session and a highlight of our camp.”

Alison Mosely, Athlete Development Officer, 

Sporting Wheelies

team building and conference ice breaker

Engage Staff and Clients

Raise Funds for a Local Cause

Foster Innovation and Creativity

Create Something Meaningful and Memorable

ABOUT DoodleJam

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For over a decade, DoodleJam has specialised in meaningful and memorable fundraising events, corporate workshops and conferences using doodles; a drawing, symbol or image representing goals, ambitions, thoughts, memories and emotions. Each session theme is inspirational and topical, maximising participant engagement and motivation, and all within a fun atmosphere to enhance group interaction (a group Jam) and enjoyment. The result is a vibrant group painting (a DoodleJam) and an event that sparks meaningful conversation and produces memorable outcomes. Through observation and feedback gained over dozens of DoodleJam events and with recent innovations in technology we have been able to refine and modify our model to extend the value and impact of the programs even further to create DoodleJam Community Crowdfunding.