DoodleJam Fundraising Campaigns



A Snap-Shot of DoodleJam Fundraising Campaigns 

As a company, for the past 10 years, we have enjoy working with a variety of organisations, teams and Non For Profits, supporting community fundraising campaigns. 

Destiny Rescue - Crowdfunding Campaign Pitch Video

Destiny Rescue is an organisation that helps to rescue children from the horrible darkness of the sex trade and to be a voice for these children. DoodleJam helped them raise over $18,000 during their recent fundraising campaign.

Queensland Koala Crusaders - Crowdfunding Launch Event Video

Queensland Koala Crusaders was founded in 2012 to be a “Voice for Koalas”. They reasoned that humans had created the problem and only humans could help the koala survive our impact on their world. They connect the dots – bringing together all the resources and expertise to find and implement solutions that are best for the wild koala. DoodleJam help QKC during a fundraising campaign in 2017.

 DoodleJam and TEDx Noosa 2015 "Lands Edge"

The team at DoodleJam have been supporting TEDx Noosa since it began in 2013. We consider ourselves “Tedsters” and would encourage anyone with a thirst for knowledge to browse through the talks at

 DoodleJam and TEDx Noosa 2013 "Catalysts for Change"

World Vision and United Synergies; Two Countries, One Painting

Joint Australian and Philippine Canvas painted by children from United Synergies (Queensland, Australia) and World Vision (Philippines).
The right hand side of the canvas was completed by United Synergies children in Australia.
The left hand side of the canvas was completed by World Vision children in the Philippines.

United Synergies "Shout Out" - Youth Connections

A project for underprivileged kids on the Sunshine Coast who wanted to “Shout Out” the benefits of there Youth Connections project.


Please contact DoodleJam to enquire about Project fees and/or if you have any further questions about Creative Community Crowdfunding.